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                                               How to effect alcohol on body

 About Alcohol Benifits :

  1.  May protect the brain against age- ralated dementia,
  2.  In small amounts,it can improve appetite and aid digestion.
  3.  May foster a happy mood.

Drawbacks :

1.   Can provoke mood swings, aggression, and hangovers. Can be addictive.

2.  Intracts with  many medications.

3.   Over time ,moderate to high ,intake increases the risk of cancer,as well as heart
and liver disease.

people have used alcohol in one from or another since prehistoric times. While alcohol is primarily drinks for its mood-altering effects, the results of studies suggest that there are benefits to moderate drinking.Moderate drink is defined as one or two drinks containing eigher 1.5 ml of alcohol 150 ml wine or 355ml beer.
Latest medical research about alcohol:
Recent medical studies have found that drinking samll amount of alcohol especially red wine lower risk of heart attack. This is good news for anyone who enjoys a little  chiant with their chicken.But the news also raises other questions. does alcohol provide other protective health benefits? and can protection come with red wine only?
                     The risk of heart attack lowers because alcohol reduces the detrimental effects of elevated blood cholesterol while also preventing clot formation . In this study levels of bad cholesterol( low density lipoprotien or LDL  ) lowered as did triglyceride levels high levels of eigher raises the risk of heart disease.
                  Other studies show that moderate drinking may increase the levels of protective HDL cholesterol.
    the results are esprcially significant for women over 50 since a woman’s risk of heart disease sharply after menopause.
The mechanisam by which alcohol protects are uncleaner but some researches note that because red wine in particular contain certain polyphenols, which can at as antioxidants resveratrol being the prime example -they can be expected to protect cells from damage that normaly occurs when the body uses oxygen. It believed that oxidation of LDL is what auses blood vessels to clog. The polyphenols may also fortify LDL cholesterol against oxidation.
                                            It is not just red wine thats protective . The results of several studies have linked the moderate consumption of alcohol with a 32 percent lower risk of heart attack, and a decrease in sroke of  20 to 28 percent .
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