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          What’s our body saying – listen some words 

Our body is constantly telling us what it needs, what and when to eat and drink, when to sleep. But our senses are too fogged by diets plans and fitness fads to listen. Stop looking for cues and cures outside – all the answers lie within.


Healthy body
                                                                 Healthy body


Get intuitive

Intuitive health is the keyword in today’s diet-crazy world. People are exhausted of diets and unnatural ways of exercising for some time now. “Decades of skewed eating patterns and unrealistic meals have played havoc with the body’s relationship with food,” says Manjari Chandra, therapeutic nutritionist. It’s time to get in touch with your inner feelings! “Our bodies are our best cues, capable of giving the most appropriate guidance to hunger and satiety, provided we learn to honour its signals,” says Chandra. Learning to pick up your body’s cues means keeping track of subtle changes in mood, coordination, balance and heart rate variability.

Honour hunger
The underlying premise of intuitive eating is learning to respond to your inner body. We were all born with the wisdom needed for eating instinctively. Then why let someone else decide what goes into our body and when? Likewise, our physical activities should be what comes most naturally to us. For starters, yoga and deep breathing are the best. “The ultimate objective in yoga is to get the body’s harmony and balance back. The first thing you do is attain your natural cycle of sleep and hunger. Yoga makes you more mindful and aware. It makes you listen to your body and that’s the best state to be in,” says Priyanjali Das, a yoga instructor.
Realistic goals
Intuitive eating and training works at our higher subconscious level, making us responsible for what we eat and sweat out. Research says people are more likely to stick to intuitive fitness plans than a new diet, since it gives them authority, less guilt and also the scope to indulge. “Throwing yourself to fitness regimes can be tricky. You might lose weight but also gain back in no time. You need to mentally train yourself to keep fit in the long run,” sums up Das.

Follow some tips :

Keep your body well-fed with energy by eating carbs, as excessive hunger knows no rationale.

Don’t emotional binge. Food shouldn’t be an excuse for not dealing with your feelings

Listen to your cravings, it is alright to indulge at times

Catch body signals that tell you you’re full.

Don’t exercise hard when exhausted.


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