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                     What is the best breakfast we should eat

We all get confused when we are shopping for a nutritious but tasty breakfast. Between all of the ‘gluten-free’, ‘natural’ and ‘no added sugar’ labels it is a daunting task to figure out what is it actually that one should eat.

While most of us are aware that things like chocolate laden corn flakes or Froot lops are not exactly filled with nutrients, the muesli that you eat could be equally unhealthy, being packed with sugar.

Best breakfast
                  Best breakfast

Australian nutritionist, Fiona Tuck, recently shared her clients on the breakfast cereals to eat and avoid.

According to Tuck, there are more processed cereals out there that contain less natural nutrients and more additives.

She adds that while rice puffs may ‘look innocent,’ they are in fact something one should avoid.’Puffed white rice, for instance, contains little nutrient and is highly refined,’Tuck explained.

Muesli, on the other hand, is something that can be healthy, but needs to be approached with caution.Countless supermarket packaged mueslis can contain high amounts of sugar.Alternatively, try making your own at home by mixing oats, nuts, seeds and fruit.Most nutrionists agree that when it comes to breakfast, nothing is as nutritious as oats.

Look here for what is good what is bad for break fast

  • Rice puffs. Bad: They contain little nutrient and are highly refined.
  • Muesli. Mixed: Analyse whether sugar is one of the first three or four listed ingredients.
  • Oats. Good: They are low in sugar, filling and nutritious.
  • Chocolate laden corn flakes. Bad: They contain few nutrients and often lots of sugar.
  • Froot Loops: Nutritionists agree if it’s coloured, stay away.
  • Rice Crispies: These can contain lots of sugar, salt and processing.
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