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                                             Cabbage are members of cruciferous famaly of vegetables, It has number of health benifits. It has long been known that people who eat large amounts of cabbage enjoy a low rate of colon cancer .
                           This protective effect is assumed to come from bioflavonoid, indoles, monoterpenes,and other plant chemicals that inhibit tumor growth and protect cell against damage from free radicals those unstable molicules released when the body uses oxygen.
Cabbage and related vegetables have reduce incident of breast cancer.Some of these chemicals also spee
d up the body metabolisam of estrogen, which may explain why women whose diets provide ample amounts of cabbage and
related vegetables have reduced incidence of breast cancer.
                      This chemical action may also protect against cancers  of the uterus and ovaries. particular interest is indole-3carbinol a cabbage component  that in animal studies had reduced the risk of cancer.
               Still ,advice to take this compound in pill form as advocated by some supplement manufacturers, would appear to be premature.Although cabbage is not quite as nutrition as broccoli, brussel sprouts,and cauliflower , it does outrank these plant relatives in consumption.
   In fact , in some parts of the world,cabbage very high in fiber and very low in calories cup of chopped , raw green cabbage contains a meager 20 calories ,the lowly cabbage is rich source of vitamin C with 33 mg per cup .
                Red cabbage contains almost twice as much vitamin C as the green cabbage , while the green variety contains twice as much folate as the red .Both red,and green cabbages contribute potassium and fiber.Savoy  cabbage is good source of beta carotene.
Benifits of Cabbage :  
                                     1. An excellent source of vitamin C

2.  Low in calories and high fiber.

3.  May help prevent colon cancer and malignancies stimulated by  estrogen

  Draw backs :
    1. Give off strong some what unpleasent sulfurous odor when cooked

2. Can cause bloating and flatulence

 Types of Cabbage :

                                 1. Green the most common cabbage has a mild flavour that can be   enjoyed   raw   or cooked
2. Red cabbage is similar to the green varieties but it is much higher in vitamins C than other types
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