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Aloe Vera: 20 Amazing Health Benefits and Medical Uses

                                   Aloevera impressive natural medicinal proparties Aloevera is the most impressive medicinal herb invented by nature, I don’t make that statement lightly. Of all the herbs. Aloevera is the most impressive herb of them …


10 Amazing Health Benefits of Peppermint | Organic Facts

                                                     Amazing benefits of peppermint Peppermint or mentha piperta is a common herb that is grown in Europe and north America. The oil of pepermint …


Pumpkin: 8 surprising health and beauty benefits of pumpkin

                                     Did you know surprising health benefits of Pumpkin? pumpkin are also packed with nutrition and offer a wide range of health benefits. Pumpkins are a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and other healthy nutrients. …


papaya | 10. Amazing benefits of papaya for health and skin

          10. Amzing benefits of papaya for health and skin  Papaya is a powerhouse of nutrients and is available throughout the year. It is a rich source of threes powerful antioxidant vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E The minerals, magnesium and potassium; the B vitamin pantothenic …


Seaweeds | why do we should eat Seaweed?

             Health Benefits of Seaweed , Important Information about Seaweeds It is presumed that the unique features of the marine environment, where the seaweeds are grown, are mainly responsible for most of its properties. Among the functional effects of the seaweed, apart from the nutrition …

water melon

Watermelon | Why Is Watermelon Good For?

                                             Amazing benefits of water melon The Water melon fruit has smooth, deep green or yellow colored thick exterior rind with light green or gray colored vertical stripes on …


Stress | How to stress affects your health

                                             What is stress ,how to deal with stress  what are the resons for stress ?   One physician concluded in a 1951 issue of The British Medical Journal …

Aloevera juice

10 Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera for Hair, Skin ,Weight-Loss

                       Amazing Health and beauty benefits of Aloevera  The plant Aloevera is used in Ayurvedic, Homoeopathic and Allopathic streams of medicine, and not only tribal community but also most of the people for food and medicine. The plant leaves contains …


10 Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Lychee Fruit

                             Lychee health and beauty benefits According to ancient Chinese culture, the lychee fruit (Litchi chinensis) is a mythological symbol of romance, beauty and good luck. Lychee Medicinal values : Lychee is known to have many medicinal …

Root Vegetables

vegetables | why do we must eat Root vegetables

                 Why  do we must Eat Root vegetables daily Root vegetables have long been given the cold shoulder because they taste earthy and bitter. Not anymore. Beets, parsnips, artichokes, sweet potatoes and many more roots and tubers grace modern-day mains thanks to their …


Health Benefits of Dates -10 Reasons to Eat a Date Fruit

Why do we eat Dates ? health benefits and uses Dates can provide lot of health benefits. Dates are high in iron content and fluorine. Dates are rich source of vitamins and minerals. Consuming dates regularly can help to lower cholesterol and keep many health disorders away. Read on to …


Cherry Health Benefits: 5 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Cherries

                                         Why You Should Eat More Cherries Wonderfully delicious, cherry fruit is packed with full of health-benefiting nutrients and unique antioxidants. Cherries are native to Eastern Europe and Asia Minor regions. …