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                   Cucumber health and beauty benefits

Cucumber (Cucumis sativas) is one of the very low calorie veggies; provide just no saturated fats or cholesterol. Cucumber peel is a good source of dietary fiber that helps reduce constipation, and offer some protection against colon cancers by eliminating toxic compounds from the gut. It’s found that the caffeic acid found in Cucumis sativas puffy and swollen eyes

Aids in weight loss
There are many ways in which cucumbers help aid weight loss. To begin with, they are low incalories but high in fiber, so eating them can help curb the appetite naturally and make it easier to cut down on food intake without being plagued by hunger pains. Cucumbers also improve digestion because of their high fiber content, and good digestion has been linked in numerous studies to easier weight loss. Lastly, it also detoxifies the body, which boosts energy levels and makes it easier to be active, which is helpful if someone is trying to achieve their weight loss


Promotes general health
There are many ways in which cucumbers promote the general health of the body. Firstly,because cucumbers are mostly water, they are able to help the body stay hydrated, which is oneof the most important things that anyone can do for their own health.
Compounds in thecucumber have been shown to help lower blood pressure, which also lowers the risk of many
serious complications like heart disease, kidney and eye problems and strokes. And because of their high vitamin and mineral content, they can also help avoid nutrient deficiencies and keepthe body functioning at its best.

Beauti benefits:

Cucumbers do not only help to improve the body’s health – they can beautify as well. For centuries, women all over the world have used cucumber slices topically on their eyes to reduce signs of puffiness and dark shadows.

It is also good for the skin in a toner, as it can soothe down irritation, redness and inflammation associated with summertime woes like sun burns and insect bites! Its high mineral content will also strengthen and beautify nails and hair if it is consumed on a regular basis.

In short, it is one of the best natural beauty treatments around. So there it is. Cucumbers are not only the quintessential summer vegetables – and indispensable for salads, soups and other warm-weather fare. They will also improve health and beauty to make this summer one of the best – and healthiest – ever!

Cucumber in an Alkaline Diet :

The more alkaline the diet, the better. High acid foods can cause cell dehydration and can enhance cellular oxidation and impair immunity. The most hydrating foods are those packed with the highest levels of nutrients and are beneficial to cell health. In general, this includes foods that are anti-inflammatory and as low acid to alkaline-forming as possible

Cucumber is one of the most alkaline foods and because of its triterpenes, it may work well to regulate diseases that involve the immune system . Most low acid to alkaline fruits and vegetables are also anti-inflammatory, like cucumber .

Cucumber counteracts acidic pH within the body and specifically in the kidneys, which are tasked with keeping blood pH within normal levels. Over time, blood pH naturally becomes more acidic as kidney functions decline with age. Normal blood pH is between 7.35 and 7.45.

When the body is forced to constantly regulate blood pH, this overdrive may cause muscle wasting, bone weakening, hypertension, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and memory and cognition morbidity and mortality from chronicdiseases.

Because of the antioxidants and minerals it contains, cucumber combats all of these situations. A three-year study showed that an alkaline diet can indeed reduce the speed of muscle wasting that naturally occurs with aging .

Research also suggests that an alkaline diet can assist with chemotherapy treatments, making the treatments more effective. This is the case with cucumber, which contains lignans that are being studied for treating estrogen-related cancers within the body .

While there are no studies that directly show an alkaline diet to prevent cancer, research is ongoing. In sum, within an alkaline diet, cucumber may assist cells and connective tissue in retaining water as it works synergistically to enhance systemic, brain, and bone health. Additionally, cucumber may provide the support needed for enhanced enzymatic function, intracellularly, to prevent degradation of tissues and slow cell aging.

Presumably, an abundance of alkaline cellular reserves buffers the depletion that occurs when the body constantly readjusts to maintain proper pH and minimize cellular acidity.

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