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There are some positive outcomes of juice therapy:

Raw juices contain certain natural medicines, antibiotics and vegetal hormones. For example, fresh juice of onion, tomato, garlic and radish contain antibiotic substances, string bean contains insulin like substance and cucumber and onion juice have the hormone needed by the pancreas to produce insulin.

  • Raw juices are rich in alkaline elements, which help to normalise acid-alkaline balance in our body. Like in most of the health conditions, there is excess acidity in the body. Juices can help prevent it.
  • Raw juices have good amount of easily absorbable organic minerals like calcium, potassium and silicon. These minerals help in restoring biochemical and mineral balance in the cells and tissues and thus, prevent premature ageing.
  • Raw juice helps in speedy recovery by supplying needed elements for body’s healing process and cell regeneration.
  • The best part about raw juices is that they require no digestion and all the nutrients get absorbed into the bloodstream directly.

Some precautions if you are following “Raw Juice Therapy

  •      All juices should be consumed immediately.
  •      You should use fresh fruits and vegetables and wash them thoroughly
  •     Don’t follow the habit of preparing the juice in advance as it may get oxidised and lose its medicinal value.
  •    Juice should be diluted with water if it is too sweet.
  •   The juice should be extracted properly with all its fibre and pulp to get maximum possible benefits out of it.
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