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                     safe fruits for dieters

Some fruits get a bad reputation when it comes to weight loss. But there are many useful nutrients in them that not only keep you full but also do not mess with your weight loss goals. Here are some fruits you can have without feeling guilty.

Best fruits for dietries
Best fruits for dietrs


Despite the contrary belief, you can have one banana a day. This potassium-loaded fruit works great as a post workout snack and gives instant energy.


Full of fiber and good amount of water, this fruit serves as the perfect beginning to your mornings.


Helps in decreasing blood triglyceride levels, has more vitamin C and vitamin K than an orange. It is also low in sugar, making it perfect for mid morning and evening snack.


This fruit contains high amount of anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins that slows ageing and increases metabolism, making it a perfect combination for weight loss


Packed with vitamin C, citrus fruits in general have an alkaline effect on our body. This helps in fighting inflammation and bloating, thereby increasing our energy levels


Low in sugar content, high in fiber and minerals, this fruit is good to be consumed in your smoothies or as mid-afternoon snack.


This is another fruit rich in fiber and is low in glycemic index, making it safe for the diabetics trying to achieve their fitness goal.


Contains 90 per cent water content and helps increasing satiety level so that you don’t indulge in unnecessary snacking.

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