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                                                                               SriPada Srivallabha Charitamrutam

God Sripada was born in 1320 A.D in Pithapuram ,Andra pradesh, India.He was first incarnation of Lord dattatreya .

In this world many troubles and losses will be experienced by a human being through sorrow and infauation. Who is the protector against them? Who will rescue him from worries and miseries? Then Paramaatma is the only saviour. Only from thegrace of God all sorrows are destroyed and happiness and peace will be obtained. For that a person should practise ‘stotra;. prayer,japa,meditation etc., of God and devotional reading of sacred books explaining their significance and gain the grace ofParamaatma.

Bramma ,Vishnu,Maheswara

                                                                                Bramma ,Vishnu,Maheswara

Paramaatma is in the form of Trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Parameswara. The Trinity protects,punishes, or teaches all creatures of the Universe.All things happen on account of Them.In Kruta Yuga the Trinity who were elated with the devotion of Atri, Anasuya incarnated in their house as Sree Dattatreya Swamy -an embodiment of the Trinity.His incarnation is that of a Guru.

Atri Anasuya Tapasya

                               Atri Anasuya Tapasya

The aim of this incarnation is to remove ignorance and grant liberation through the attainment ofwisdom(Jnana). The path of ‘avadhootas’ is founded only by Him. Devotion of suchDattatreya is going on from Krutayuga from Sethu in the South to Himalayas in the North.Countless devotees from that day till todayworshipped Dattatreya and were successful in gaining their wishes. When Datta is worshipped an equivalent result is achieved of worshipping Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara at the same time. Datta is ‘Smarthrugami‘. It means that when remembered with devotion. He will be satisfied and supports and protects devotees in all ways. He grants sustenance and salvation.



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