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                                             What  are the health benefits of health drinks  or juices?
                                                        Tips for how to take haelth drinks
                              It is always better to take fresh fruits and vegetables in the form of juices than depend on vitamin and mineral pills, because nutrients combined naturally in food, work much more effectively than in the pill form. You may combine raw fruit and vegetable juices if you do not experience any adverse symptoms.
It is recommended that organically grown produce should be used more, as it is free from exposure to harmful sprays, like pesticides herbicides and other toxic chemicals.
Several glasses of juice per day are recommended; ideally, two to four glasses, in addition to meals, provides good balance.
An equal proportion of vegetable and fruit juices are advisable. You can introduce to your baby, aged between six and nine months, small amounts of juice.images-32toxic substance. Similarly apple seeds contain cyanide, and hence should be removed before extracting juice from an apple.
Avoid carrot leaves, as they too contain are believed to have toxins. Before extracting juice, wash the produce well, remove damaged or unwanted portions.
Remove pits from fruits like apple, peach, plum, etc., when extracting juice. If you are fasting, always break the fast with a glass of fresh raw vegetable or fruit juice.
Juices of green and yellow leafy vegetables like spinach, carrot, yellow pumpkins contain vitamin A, riboflavin and iron. Citrus fruits, tomato and raw cabbage provide ascorbic acid and iron, if taken in the form of fresh juice, or eaten raw.
Tender leaves and stems of vegetables contain alkalis. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices cleanse and rejuvenate the human body.
Health drinks are a rich source of vitamin C, betacarotene and potassium and soluble fiber that helps control blood cholesterol

It contains Antioxidants and bioflvonoids which may lower the risk of Cancer.


Water is the best choice for quenching your thirst. Coffee and tea, without added sweeteners, are healthy choices, too.

Some beverages should be limited or consumed in moderation, including diet drinks, fruit juice and milk.  Alcohol in moderation can be healthy for some

Avoid sugary drinks like soda, sports beverages, and energy drink provides important nutrients for overall health, yet most people fall short of meeting their daily recommended goals of 1-2 cups.1,s.   Fruit2 As a complement to whole fruit, 100% fruit juice can be a convenient, delicious and nutritious way to squeeze more fruit into the day. And, 100% fruit juice makes it easier to try a variety of colorful fruit as part of a balanced diet throughout the year. So, your favorite fruit is always “in season” when enjoyed as 100% juice


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