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        Natural Home remedies for some types of pains

Are you among those who pop a pill every time you experience some pain? Well, it’s time you turn to your kitchen. There are so many natural home remedies available that can be utilized for your overall well being.

Have a look:

Menstrual pain: Mix the juice of 2-3 lemons in cold water and have it every day for relief.

Lemon water
Lemon water

c: Peel and chop apple. Dash some salt and have it the first thing in the morning.

Flatulence: Mix about 1/4th spoon of baking soda in water and drink for relief.

Sore throat: Boil 2-3 basil leaves in water and let it boil on low flame till the juice of the leaf is extracted. You can use the liquid for gargle.

Mouth ulcers: Ripe banana with honey offer instant relief. This can be turned into a paste and applied on affected areas.

Sinus congestion: Mix organic apple cider vinegar with a pinch of cayenne pepper powder in less than half a cup of hot water. Have it while it is warm atleast                                                                 twice a day.

 High BP: Have amla with milk daily is believed to lower blood pressure. This should ideally be taken early in the morning.
 Asthma: Mix one tablespoon of honey with half tablespoon cinnamon. Have it at bedtime.
Dandruff: Mix camphor with coconut oil. You can apply this every night before going to sleep
 Premature graying of hair: Dry amlas and cut boil in coconut oil till the amla pieces turn like charred dust. Massage it daily on the skin.
 Dark circles: Mix orange juice with glycerine to lighten the dark circles.
Back ache:

Mix camphor in coconut oil and boil it for 5 minutes. Cool it and store it in a bottle.Massage it twice in a week before going to sleep to get rid of backache.

While you’re spending some time watching TV, put a hot-water bag on back supported by a cushion. The heat based treatment will help you recover backache.

Massage your back with mustard oil an hour prior to going for a shower. Make sure you take a hot water shower.

Coconut oil massage
                                Coconut oil massage

    Also  Follow  these  other  Remedies

Honey and ginger juice
Honey is known to soothe the throat, and ginger is known to have antibiotic properties. Grind up some ginger and mix it with an equal amount of honey, and consume it as is. If you find that the taste is not to your liking, you could mix it with half a glass of warm milk, too. It instantly clears up the nasal passage and soothes a dry throat.

Turmeric can be used in multiple ways. If you have whole turmeric bulbs, burn one end of the bulb, and inhale the smoke for instant relief. Alternatively, you could boil turmeric powder with milk and drink the mixture. There is nothing the good old manjapaal cannot fix, is there?


If you are a tea lover, there is nothing like the masala chai, which can provide instant relief from a cold. Boil water with tea leaves, and add some spices of your choice (cloves, cinnamon, ginger and black pepper work best). Cover, simmer for a few minutes and strain. Preferably, take it black. You can add some honey to balance the taste.
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