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       Pears:  health benefits and nutrition facts of pears

  pears are also called butter fruit  by many europeans in reference to its smooth texture. A pear makes an ideal snack dessert, or even a sweet or spicy side dish .Pears are a delicious treat when served fresh but they can also be backed.One medium size pear has about 100 calories and provides about 5 g of fiber . 

The fiber in pears is pectin a soluble fiber that helps controle blood cholesterole levels and cellulose , an insoluble fiber that promotes normal bowel function.

Pears also have useful amounts of vitamin C,folate and potassium .Dried pears provide a more concentrated form of calories and nutrition fresh pears however their high sugar content and sticky texture may promote tooth decay. 

Most dried pears also contain sulfites, which can provoke asthma or allergic response in suspectable individuals.

canned pears lose most of their vitamin C due to the combined effect , of peeling and heating . They are also higher in calories, especially if they are packed in heavy syrup.

Type of Pears: while there are hundreds of varieties of pears in North America,four types predominate Anjou, a juicy, oval -shaped winter pear that has yellowish green skin bartlett, a summer pear that is eaten fresh or canned

Benefits :  1. A good source of dietary fiber.

2. contain vitamin C and folate.

3. Fiber is good for your heart and your intestines. It helps keep you regular.

4.Folate may keep your baby from having a spinal cord problem at birth.

5. lots of potassium help you have good blood pressure

6.Vitamin C helps heal cuts and wounds and keep teeth and gums healthy.

7. highercalorie foods should be a part of any weight loss program and healthy diet

8. They have many vitamins, minerals and other natural substances that help you stay healthy and help                              your children grow healthy and strong! 

Draw backs : Dried pears often contain sulfites, which proveke astama attacks or allergic reactions in susceptible people

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