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                                                    The Health Benefits of soya

                           Add 25g of soya protien to your daily diet .Try tofu or soya nuts a variety of studies have shown that eating this amount daily should lower cholesterol in people with elevated levels by about 9 percent and ldl cholesterol, and ldl cholesterol,by as much as 15 percent. 

a great deal of research and some studies suggest that women with a soya-rich diet may have a lower risk of breast cancer However, it is not clear whether genetic makeup (which influences the way in which the body metabolises food) and environmental factors interact with the soya and therefore produce different effects in people.

soya bean
                                   soya bean

Phytoestrogens have been found to help block the effects of excess oestrogen in the body, evening out any imbalance in the ratio between oestrogen and progesterone.

They appear to work by locking into the oestrogen-receptor sites on cells and in doing so they block out the stronger natural oestrogens. They can therefore be helpful in improving symptoms of oestrogen dominance such as PMS and endometriases..

Due to the phytoestrogen content of soya, many women decide to include it in their diet as they enter themenopause During the menopause, the body’s natural production of oestrogen stops and symptoms may ensue. As phytoestrogens act as a weak oestrogen, they may help relieve symptoms by boosting levels slightly

Health Benifits of Soya:

The beneficial effect of soya foods on heart disease, some cancers,  osteoporosis,and monopausal symptoms is the focus of much research.

There is great deal of epidimiogical evidence supporting the health protective effects of soya.For example populations thatinclude high amount of soya in their diet have low rates of breast cancer,prostate cancer, and menopausal symtoms. Howevwr the evidence is stronger for some health benefits than for other.

Heart Health:

               soya protien can reduce the risk of heart disease . This is because soya have lower level of the artery clogging    LDLcholesterol with out reducing levels of beneficial HDL cholesterol.High in soya protien indicating that foods     may help lower the risk of heart disease

Soya foods contain compounds called isoflavones,which are a subclass of much larger group of food component called flaonoids. Genistein and daiazein are the main types of isoflavones which reduce the effect of  estogen on breast and prostate tissue. Esrogen is thought to stimulate tumor growth in genetically susceptible people.

Osteoporosis :

Recent research has in dicated that soya isoflavones may delay bone loss and might even build bone density . Not all research is consistent in this finding how ever,wit some studies showing no effect of soya on bone loss.

Menopausal symtoms:

Some women, diets rich in soya foods can reduce menopausal symptoms, particularly the freqency of improvement however varies from woman to woman.

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