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                                        Wheatgrass Juice  health Benefits

  •   Excellent source of easily absorbable vitamins, minerals, enzymes and complete proteins
  •   Helps to prevent and fight against infections.
  •  Improves the body’s ability to heal wounds.
  •  Helps remove toxic heavy metals from the body.
  •  Helps with skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis.
  •  Helps improve blood sugar disorders.
  •  Helps reduce and eliminate body odors.
  •  The high magnesium content builds enzymes that restore sex hormones.
  •  Helps prevent tooth decay.
  •  Helps to cleanse the liver.
  •   Arrests the growth of unfriendly bacteria.
  •  Natural energizer.
  •  Great for constipation and proper bowel function.
  •  Non-allergenic.

we must  consumed fresh juice

The most potent form of wheatgrass is the fresh juice as nutrients are lost in pasteurizing or preserving. Like many raw and highly nutritious foods, fresh wheatgrass juice is highly active chemically and is thus unstable. Fresh is best.

wheat grass juice
                      wheat grass juice
                                                         Why do I need this?

Every day our bodies accumulate internal waste and harmful toxins from eating overcooked, processed and chemically grown food, breathing polluted air and drinking impure water. If we don’t rid the body of these toxins they can cause long-term damage and disease.

How much do I need?

If energy is generally good but you are having an off day, then one ounce can be enough to get you going again. If energy levels are regularly down then a daily shot over a period of about a week can help improve things.

We recommend starting with 1 ounce of wheatgrass juice followed with a glass of water, for the first few days. Once you are comfortable with this you can increase the amount to 2 ounces a day. Wheatgrass has a strong cleansing effect and may make you nauseous if you start with too much. If you have a hard time swallowing that shot of wheatgrass every day try mixing it with water.


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