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               why  Do we use coconut oil every morning ?

Oil pulling – You may have heard of it through a friend or your grandmother or the Internet. Whichever the case, it’s not a new thing but is gaining ground again. Oil pulling is, in fact, as old as Ayurveda itself. It was practised by many as a way of keeping oral hygiene and for many other benefits. So, what is oil pulling?

It is a practice of swishing oil in your mouth first thing in the morning for at least 5 minutes and for the most 20 minutes to cleanse your mouth. A variety of oils can be used for this purpose such as olive oil, coconut oil or sesame oil, however coconut oil will be your best bet.

One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that you do not swallow any amount of the oil because if you do, you will consume the toxins you are trying to throw out. This is followed by usual brushing of teeth and flossing.

Coconut oil
                                 Coconut oil

Why oil pulling?

There have been many studies that show that oil pulling has many benefits against gingivitis, plaque and bad breath. The microorganisms that inhabit the mouth in the morning after a night’s sleep are usually single-celled. They are covered with a lipid or fatty membrane. When it comes in contact with oil, it sticks to it and can be wiped out

Teeth whitening

Because oils have natural antibacterial properties, they help whiten and cleanse the teeth. Oil pulling is much better than chemical teeth whitening creams.


Detoxifies the body

One of the entry points for germs in your body is through mouth. If you keep it clean and cleanse it every morning, it will keep your body clean in turn. Oil pulling can remove the toxins before they enter your body, thus avoiding them to cause infection.

Better teeth hygiene

Oil pulling is very effective in eradicating the need of tooth cavities. It removes Streptococcus mutant bacteria, which is responsible for tooth decay. It also provides protection against plaque-induced gingivitis.

Reduces bad breath

Oil pulling can help you with the problem of bad breath. This is because it flushes out the smell causing bacteria from your mouth.

Take approximately 1 tablespoon of oil

Taking the right amount of oil is really important. If it’s less, it will not benefit as much. If it is more, it will spill out of your mouth. Try to keep it approximately equal to 1 tablespoon.

Start with 5 minutes a day

Start by swishing for 5 minutes and gradually increase the time to reach 20 minutes. If you take it too hard in the beginning only, your jaws may start paining.

Never swallow

Try never to swallow even a drop of the oil. If you think that you may, reduce the amount of oil in your mouth.

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